In rain and snow: how to choose the best hair spray

Without a great styling product, no hairstyle will last long. Varnish is one of the most popular and affordable means for fixing hair. We figure out which hairspray is best and what varnishes are. To get more tips, please read: Best Hairspray For Fine Hair

What is the best hair fixing varnish?

When choosing hair spray, consider several factors.


Some hair sprays spray the product in different ways , and this must be taken into account. Spray hairspray spray product in short bursts - it allows you to control the amount , but not suitable for certain hairstyles , where you have a lot of money.


Hairspray for the summer season should contain components that protect hair from ultraviolet rays. In addition, choose styling products with a moisture resistant composition , that haircut could survive in a moist environment. In winter, it is worth buying lacquer wetting agents , to maintain the health of hair and maintain a sufficient level of moisture.

Dry hair spray

The texture of dry hairspray is similar to  dry shampoo . But unlike shampoo, it can be applied along the entire length of the hair. Dry varnish leaves no residue and creates volumetric and airy styling.

Hairspray , bulking

Varnishes for the volume of hair , as you might guess , are used to create the most voluminous hairstyle. The main advantage of this varnish is that it does not stick hair together , but makes them visually thicker and fresher. Volume varnish is usually applied at the roots.

Liquid hair spray

An unusual version of the traditional styling products is liquid hair spray. A fixing product is produced in a non-aerosol format. Use liquid varnish for texturing hair , as well as for strong fixation with a glossy shine. Using a liquid texture, you can create wet curls - just apply a small amount of the product to wet hair and comb.

The best brands of hair spray

Hairspray " Schwarzkopf" from line Osis + Freeze quick fixes hair , without overburdening them. It dries quickly and retains the original appearance of the hairstyle for the whole day. The light formula includes components that protect hair from ultraviolet rays and moisture. If you want to give your hair extra volume - apply the product to the roots , holding the curls with a round comb. Wait a minute and release the lock.

Hairspray from Estel

Airex Hair Spray Strong - Estelle hairspray from the professional line. The product provides strong hold , which for the whole day keeps the hair , even the most unmanageable. The varnish is convenient to use , as it dries quickly on the hair and does not glue individual strands. Laying remains mobile , which means that it can be corrected.

Hairspray from Taft

Taft's Flexible Hold hairspray preserves hair style and makes hair flexible and pliable for hair manipulation. The main advantage of the product is that it retains the natural lightness of curls. Hairspray is ideal for thin and dry hair.

Hairspray from Moroccanoil

Hairspray fixer is absolutely suitable for all types of hair. In the composition, you can find argan oil , which not only nourishes the hair , but also quickly fixes naughty locks. The formula of varnish helps to create a natural look without gluing hair.